Canon EOS M5 vs Sony A6300 vs Panasonic Lumix GX8

The Canon EOS M5 is the most enthusiast-friendly EOS M yet. It’s a 24MP mirrorless camera built around a Dual Pixel APS-C sensor, giving it depth-aware focus across most of the frame. On top of this it adds a built-in electronic viewfinder, a good number of external controls (including twin control dials) and a well implemented touchscreen.

This level of direct control puts it comfortably ahead of Sony’s a6000 and a6300, and more on par with Panasonic’s GX85 (GX80 in some markets) and GX8 enthusiast models. All of these cameras aim to offer stills and video capabilities in relatively small bodies but with a reasonable level of direct external control.  Leggi tutto “Canon EOS M5 vs Sony A6300 vs Panasonic Lumix GX8”