Olympus E-M1 Mark II vs Nikon D500

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La macchina fotografica digitale Olympus OM-D EM-1 è stata una delle nostre fotocamere mirrorless preferite sin dalla sua introduzione nel 2013. Ci ha sempre impressionato la sua qualità costruttiva, delle immagini, la quantità di controlli manuali disponibili assieme a tante altre positive caratteristiche. Tre anni dopo il suo ingresso sul mercato resta ancora molto competitiva…
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Nikon D500: perchè l’ho scelta

From almost the minute it was announced, somewhat incongruously, at the Consumer Electronics Show in January (well, it does have a touchscreen, I suppose), the Nikon D500 looked like it was going to be a hit with DPReview’s readers. After so many years we had almost lost hope that Nikon would replace the D300S, which soldiered on well into its dotage, and well beyond the point where it was able to keep up with the likes of Canon’s EOS 7D II.

But replace it Nikon did, and in impressive fashion. I won’t waste your time listing specifications (you can find all of that here) in this article, but suffice to say it’s unlikely that the D500 will look outdated any time soon.  Leggi tutto “Nikon D500: perchè l’ho scelta”